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21 Fantatstic Faliures, Book, Real Life Stories Book,

21 Fantastic Failures brings to you the real-life stories of icons, highlighting the points in their lives where they failed but, undeterred, decided to pick themselves up and forge ahead.

Sonali Misra, Writter, Researcher,



Author, Editor & PhD Researcher

Sonali Misra is the author of 21 Fantastic Failures.

Her writing has appeared in

Very Much Alive, So Hormonal, #Horror and From Arthur’s Seat 3.

Sonali is one of the most capable and generous editors I’ve ever worked with. In The Selkie, she has helped to create a groundbreaking international publication that does what many others only claim to: The Selkie truly champions and celebrates the voices and stories of underrepresented writers and their communities. Sonali’s commitment to creating accessible and engaging platforms for writers of all walks of life is underscored by her work on other editorial projects, including From Arthur’s Seat 3, and her academic research. In addition, Sonali is a brilliant writer in her own right, creating work that speaks fearlessly and urgently across lines of genre and language. Remember the name Sonali Misra, because she’s a rising star.

Claire Askew, poet and author of Novelista and the DI Birch crime series


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